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Are you ready to enjoy a free diagnostics check and save some £3-4,000 on an engine repair?

People usually think an engine damage is something that always happens to OTHERS. Not to me, they say. The car is new, there are no strange sounds coming from it (isn't there indeed?) and so on...

And then it happens suddenly and usually at the most inconvenient moment - if there is ever a convinient moment for a total engine damage.

We've seen it all. And believe me, I've treated A LOT of devastated owners with coffee while reassuring them that their favourite car will be all good in a few days.

But you don't need to cound on your luck when it comes to your vehicle.

Not you need to spend money on a professional diagnostics check.

Schedule your free engine check now -- when our free spots are gone, they are gone.

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Btw - if you are still unsure if we are as good as we say, see some customers' testimonials here.